High mast poles are used at the junction between main roads to hold light with higher wattage to give maximum light coverage. The high mast poles consist of a working space on the top of the pole and also have a ladder like structure for service purpose.

However it is possible to motorize the pole so as the service at the bottom of the pole also . We offer high mast poles which are of swaged type up to the height of 16 m only. The high mast pole finishing will be either MRF painting or hot dipper galvanized as per the client’s demand
The raw materials used here is MS tubular pipes which are procured from the market and tested for the quality after which its cut to the finite length and is taken to the swage section where its swaged using the hydraulic swaging machine to such a size that it fits to the other section of another pipe to form a three stepped high mast pole. Then it’s been welded and painted GI coated and kept ready to delivery