Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

High Mast



1) Highmast lighting is a tall pole with lighting attached to the top in usually a ring like structure or many individual light fixture mounted on it.

2) Maintenance of these structured are done by lowering the luminaire ring from to top to bottom using a winch and motor set up.

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Structure and Contruction

1) Our Highmast is continuously tapered with polygonal cross section with multiple sides.

2) The Mast has a Single longitudinal welding upto 12m .

3) The Mast is provided with fully penetrated flange which is free from any laminations & the welded connection of the base flange is fully strengthened with supplementary gussents between bolt holes to ensure elimination of helical stress concentration.

4) A door opening along with key locking system is provided at the base of the mast which provides access to equipment like winch,cable,wire rope,plug, socket & also for easy servicing.


  • Main road junction lighting
  • Sports lighting
  • Parks and reserves
  • Mining sites
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Car parking lighting


  • Mast head assembly
  • Winch
  • SS/GI Wire rope
  • Earthing terminal
  • Latern carriage
  • Foundation bolts
  • Cable
  • Lightening arrestor