Octagonal poles are fashioned poles which are now replacing the swaged tubular poles due to its high strength and less weight, octagonal poles has a uniform thickness of 3mm from the bottom to top. The size of the pole is standard unlike the swaged tubular poles, we offer octagonal pole with the length of 6 m and below.

The octagonal pole is single welded longitudinally, however it comes along with the base plate and bed bolts , The octagonal poles are available with hot dipped GI coated or with high quality MRF paint as per the customer needs. The raw material used is the MS sheet with a thickness of 3mm or less as per the requirement and its cut in a tapered way to give a uniform reduction in the size from bottom to top and its pressed to octagonal shape with the press break machine and its welded longitudinally and its either painted or GI coated before delivery.